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10 Songs You Should Have On Your Playlist

I have some songs that are always on my playlist. I have always had an extreme love of music. Being a very eclectic listener I love music from all genres. However rock has always been my favorite. Anytime I am in the mood to listen to music I have a go to playlist. This means that I have my favorite songs on this list. So without further ado here are my top 10 favorite songs.

Top 10 Songs

Top 10 Songs

  • 10. Gone Away covered by Five Finger Death Punch is the only cover on this list. It made the list because he brings this song into this era in a new way. I love the original but to me this version is much darker. The music and lyrics are perfect for his voice. You need to watch this video included because they draw it all together.
  • 9. Lithium by Evanescence is an amazing addition to this list. I love the music in this song. The lyrics are strong and I find the music so soothing.  Amy Lee’s voice is so beautiful.
  • 8. I Get It by Chevelle is on this list because it is the perfect song to end a bad day. When you are in a place where life feels lonely and cold this song fills a void. I love to sing along to this song when I’m frustrated at life. The lyrics fit perfectly for so many fights we all have in life.
  • 7. Rolling In The Deep by Adele is on this list at number seven because I absolutely love the way she sings and the music is very catchy. This is one of the songs that I can easily sing to and feel better on bad days. I can’t help but tap a foot to the beat.
  • 6. Burning Bright by Shinedown will forever be in my top ten playlist for many reasons. First I absolutely love the music. For me a song always has to have a great sound. I also love the lyrics. Anytime I am in a bad mood I also listen to this song because it is an inspiration to me to fight on. I will always burn bright.
  • 5. Come Togther by The Beatles comes in on the list at number five. It is a classic that I’m in love with. I love the music to this one. The bass is perfect. I also love the words to the song itself. I always get a good feeling listening to this song.
  • 4. Wrong Side of Heaven by Five Finger Death Punch is another one that is on the list for both the music and the lyrics. I like the beat a lot and the guitar melody is what draws me in. The lyrics are also very good. I find this song soothing because of the message that I get from it. I consider this song an all time favorite.
  • 3.Lydia by Highly Suspect is in the top three because of the lyrics. The music is also amazing on this song. If you notice there is always a pattern with me. The music has to be good and the lyrics are usually pretty rock solid.
  • 2. Planet Caravan by Pantera is easily number two on this list just based on the music alone. I have always loved the music to this song. The guitar is very soothing to me. The lyrics are also very fitting to the song.
  • 1. My Name Is Human by Highly Suspect is number 1 because it is my all time favorite song. The music is amazing and the lyrics are strong. I feel moved anytime I hear this song to remember we are all human. We all make mistakes and can persevere in life.

As you can see  I have a lot of love for music. I personally like all genres of music, I just lean more towards rock. Music has a major part in my life. Since I suffer from depression I tend to like darker stuff. For me all songs have to have two thing: great music and strong lyrics. The lyrics have to speak to me in some way.

What is one song you cannot live without? What are your favorites?

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