15 Camping Essentials You Should Be Packing

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15 Must Haves For Your Camping Trip
15 Must Haves For Your Camping Trip

Camping is a very fun activity for families, spouses, or even friends. There are some items that you should have for every camping trip.

Basic Camping Essentials

  1. Shelter- You will need a tent when camping for protection from bugs and the elements depending on what time of year you will be camping. I cannot stress this enough. You might want to rough it with just a sleeping bag. I don’t suggest this because you will more than likely regret it in one way or another.
  2. Bedding- You may opt for just a sheet, sleeping bag or blanket depending on if it is summer or winter. The choice is yours, but always prepare for the worst. It might be nice when you head out but you never know when mother nature could turn on you and drop 20 degrees.
  3. A Way To Cook- You will want to bring a way to start a fire to heat food. We opt for a camping stove with propane bottles, where you might like a grill with charcoal or even cooking over an open campfire.
  4. Toilet Paper- It is inevitable; you will need to go to the bathroom! Even if you are paying for a campsite and have access to a port-a-potty, they might not be furnished.
  5. Toiletries- You will need your basics to take a shower. Again, you might be renting a campsite or roughing it in the woods. The point is you will need to bathe. It might be in a lake or river, but you will still need soap.
  6. Flip-Flops Or Water Shoes- Always bring these if you will be showering in a public place. You can also use them if you are bathing in a river or lake. They protect your feet from harm of sharp objects such as rocks or broken glass; and also from possible viruses from other people’s nasty feet. Take the warning seriously! Do you want someone else’s athlete’s foot? No, I didnt think so.
  7. Sunscreen- It doesnt matter if you usually use it or not. You will be in the sun a lot so proect yourself. Skin cancer is a big deal. You don’t want to regret it later when you have a horrible sunburn.
  8. Coolers/Ice Chests- You will need to be able to safely store your food from heat and also bugs. It goes without saying this is an essential.
  9. Trash Bags- You will need somewhere to dispose of your man-made trash. You do not want to pollute or trash the environment. Please be responsible and don’t trash your campsite .
  10. Utensils-You will need to be able to prepare and eat the food you make. I take disposable utensils and also a knife, spatula, and large spoon.
  11. Paper Plates- Again you will need to be able to eat on a clean surface. These are disposable so they are easy to use. Believe me, you don’t want to have to wash any more dishes than you have to.
  12. Frying Pan And A Pot- You will need to be able to cook so of course you need something to cook in. It just depends on what you are preparing.
  13. Dish Soap- You will need to be able to wash whatever you cook in and also this doubles for a great hand cleaner for you.
  14. Food- You will need food for sustenance of course. Please don’t expect to be able to catch your food. Lol, always plan for worst case scenario.
  15. Drinking water- You need fresh water to be healthy. Don’t think it’s ok to just heat water you find. Unless you are trained you can easily make yourself sick.

A few other items to bring can include: fishing poles, bathing suits, games, and many more. It just depends on what you are planning to do.

Always be prepared for the worst. If you prep how I do you will be able to camp in somewhat of a comfortable environment. I take all of the above and then extra. Thats just how I am.

15 Items You Should Be Packing ForYour Camping Trip
15 Items You Should Be Packing ForYour Camping Trip

What extra items do you take when you camp? Did I miss an essential?

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