5 Cheap Summer Date Night Ideas


5 Date Night Ideas
5 Date Night Ideas

If you are anything like me and James, you like saving money. One easy way to cut spending is to save on entertainment for date night. I have come up with five easy ways to save on date night.

  1. Cook Together- I know what you are thinking, but this is cooking with a twist. Stay in together and cook a whole meal together. You can make it into a fun competition. For instance you cook the entree and he cooks the sides. Then you make the dessert together. At the end of the meal you two rate each other and give nice criticism. I know it sounds cheesy but whoever wins doesn’t have to do the dishes. This can also be as simple as actually cooking the meal together. It can create some awesome intimacy between you two.
  2. Go for a picnic- pack3a light meal with a nice blanket and find a secluded location for your meal. Just sit, talk and enjoy each other. Make a point to wear something nice but comfortable. This is instant bonding and relaxation.
  3. Movie night-instead of going to the theatre just stay in and watch movies you already own, Netflix and chill, or even rent new movies. Its a cheap date but can again allow you to bond and relax together.
  4. Do something outdoors- whether you go for a hike together or go fishing it is going to be a fun time. Shoot for making memories not spending money. How fun is it to just hang out together and talk. Believe me, nothing is better than spending quality time together.
  5. Eat cheap and go out for a walk- take a nice stroll on a beach or just a pretty area. Somewhere new for you two to explore would be a lot of fun. Ask each other questions  and really get to know  each other again.
Summer Date Ideas
Summer Date Ideas

Know matter how simple the date is, the companionship with your date is the most important thing. James and I have had many date nights where all we did was eat Taco Bell Dollar Menu and watch a movie, or eat and go shopping for our home.

We’ve even went simpler than that and explored Lowes together. If you are just starting out the Lowes thing might not be an option, but for us that have been married for a while it can really be an exciting trip. We talk about what we want to do with our home. It allows us to connect and dream together about what we want in life. It’s our way of exploring the other’s heart.

Whatever you choose to do together, leave the phones alone and truly reconnect with one another. Spend time together that is precious, not costly.

What is your favorite out of the five ideas I listed? What is your best go to date night idea?

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