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A New Zest For Life: Thrive

My last post told you a little about what I’ve been going through . so I thought I’d give you an update real quick. You can read the whole post


A Weight Loss Journey

Just a quick recap, I found out that something is wrong with my heart. I’m not getting proper blood flow to the bottom half of it. They do not know what is causing it yet so I have been referred to a cardiologist. I am also struggling or at least it feels like it with my back.

At my eight week followup with my spine specialist I did find out that I am healing well. I will be able to get out of the back brace in a month. What I’m feeling pain wise is normal. So I thank God for that. He did stress to me that it will get easier.

On that note I was cleared to start Thriving again. If you do not know what Thrive by Le-vel is, you don’t know what you are missing. Thrive is simply put premium grade nutrition. It is broke down into three simple steps that work synergistically together.

First you take your two capsules before your feet even hit the floor. Then 20-40 minutes later you drink a Lifestyle Mix, which these are quite yummy. And last you put on a DFT, which is a sticker with even more nutritious goodness. So I am literally done in the first 30 minutes of my day.

I have been thriving since April 2017, with the exception of this period that I couldn’t due to doctor’s orders. Now that I am in the clear I am right back to it. I can personally not live without it.

Thrive gives me all day natural energy. I have no need for coffee or soda pop. I dont even crave it now. And guess what, no crash or headache from not having it. I get so many benefits from it that I just can’t live without it.

I love the mental clarity that it gives me. They mood support helps me a lot too. Especially since I am very depressed due to all these medical hiccups I’m experiencing. Now I am using the DFT Duo Burn because I have packed on the weight from not being able to do pretty much anything that is physically extertive.

So here’s you some stats. When I started back on Thrive it was on Sunday July 29th. I currently weigh in at 208, which is by far the heaviest I’ve ever been. I am 5’8″ just so you can picture me a little better. My measurements are as follows:

  • Chest 41 inches
  • Right arm 13 3/4 inches
  • Left arm 13 inches
  • Waist 43 inches
  • Hips 43 1/2 inches
  • Right thigh 27 1/4 inches
  • Left thigh 27 1/4 inches
  • Stomach 43 inches
Day 1 Pics

Day 1 Pictures

So as you can see I really have weight to lose. I will officially weigh in again on August 26th. I want to lose weight for a few different reasons.

First and foremost is for my health. My heart problem, whatever that may be, will benefit from me being at a healthy weight. Second I feel better both physically and mentally. And finally I just want to look better.

Now you will have to understand that I am doing this all with the approval of my doctor. I am still not able to exert myself at all. So with that being said, the weight loss will be solely on eating a healthy lifestyle and using Thrive. I would lose faster if I was able to workout, but it is what it is.

So please follow me on this journey as I will be posting about it regularly. I might even post an update once a week just to show my progress even if it is minimal.

Feel free to read about Thrive by Le-vel yourself Here. The best part of Thrive is that it is free to be a customer or promoter. If you refer two people and they purchase, yours is free the next month! Can you say wow! It might sound too good to be true, but it is 100% legitimate.

So come join me on this journey and feel free to drop me a line so we can connect.

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