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Addy’s Story: My Cat Sexing Mistake

I have had cats my whole life and have never made a mistake on sexing kittens until this past fall. It all started when we had a litter of kittens from one of our rescues, Nala the tabby cat. There were four little kittens that she had. We all know that it is very hard to determine the sex of young kittens, if you have any knowledge of raising cats anyway. When they were about four weeks old I decided it was time to figure out what kind of kittens we had: boys or girls.

Finding the sex

I picked each kitten up and began to inspect them closely. I was always told to look at the genitals and if it’s a dot its a boy and if it’s a Y its a girl. Well I did that and thought I had all four boys. So Addy was originally named Tango.

"Tango" & Daddy

“Tango” and Daddy

So we had Sir Fluffy Butt, Max, Tango, and Cash. Tango and Cash were named after the movie of course. My husband is a major Sylvester Stallone fan.

This One Is Not Like The Other


Well, three months pass and I began to notice that Tango was much smaller than “his” brothers. I began to question my sexing and realized that I had made a mistake when frankly the boys started having ball sacs. Yes, you can snicker here. I made a major mistake. Therefore, my husband James changed Tango’s name to Addy after Adrian from the Rocky movies. I had never in my life made a mistake like this.

Laughing At Your Own Mistakes


I still laugh about this to this day. Addy is still a very small feline compared to her siblings, but of course she’s a she, not a he. So the moral of this story is to always laugh at your blunders. Don’t let one little mistake get you down. I think I might have made my mistake by picking up Cash twice instead of each cat once. It happened and that’s not much more I can say.

Addy & Cali Today

Addy & Cali Today

Addy is now correctly named and living a great life in her forever home with us. She is in fact one of the seven tabbies in this nine kitty household. As one of our quietest kitty cats, she is very calm by nature. She is also extremely lovable. Addy is truly James’ cat. She has a preference for him even though she is quite affectionate to me also.

We love her just the way she is, a sweet, innocent little tabby. Have you ever made a mistake like I did?

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