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Life With The Crazy Kitties

Here lately, life has been fun in general for us. With all the new health struggles, losing our health insurance, and healing from back surgery life is very overwhelming at times. Lucky for us we have these nine beautiful kitties and four fun loving dogs.

Kitty cats playing

Kitties everywhere

Our routine has changed a little lately. I am now happy to report that I am sleeping through the night until 6:30 in the morning. This is due to me getting more restful sleep from taking my Thrive by Le-vel. My patience has been a little better about things, but still not closer to where it needs to be.

Ups and Downs


So when I’m feeling down or overwhelmed I just grab a cat toy and play with my babies. I have bought them a few new toys including a new laser light, and catnip mice. They still are not used to the kitty hammocks that I made and I have chalked them up to a fail. My cats are just too energetic for them.

I’m still leaving them up in hopes that they will one day get used to them. The kitties still have a routine that involves running from one end of the house as fast as they can to the other end. They skid across the floor and bump into things. This is the norm in the morning for them.

Usually at night Sir Fluffy Butt and Max try to take a bath with me. Last night Sir Fluffy Butt decided to get in as the bath tub was draining. When his feet and tail got wet, he didn’t even flinch. I think I might have a water lover on my hands.


Dotty the miniature Daschund

Overall life is still good. Even with all the ups and down and twists and turns I still have so much joy in my heart. These babies are what keeps me going.

What keeps you going?


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