Project Home: DIY DVD Storage Part One

The problem of storage arose when we first moved into the new house. There is no storage for anything and no room to build extra storage. We are avid DVD collectors and have well over 700 movies at this very moment. Our cats like to knock the DVDs off of the entertainment center and any open shelves. We’ve tried everything.

Again this is one of the pet struggles we encounter on a daily basis.
We all know that cats love to climb and knock whatever they can over, just to be a pain. It’s almost as if they find humor in it.

We have a huge problem with storage, no doubt. There are too many DVDs to put on a shelf. They fall over easy on their own, let alone with nine furry felines running around banging into things. They are fun to have, but a huge burden also. And I do mean the DVDs, not the kitties.

James, my husband, decided one day that he was going to hang tubs on the wall to fix the DVD storage issue. I wasn’t keen on the idea of having tubs screwed to the wall because frankly they are an eyesore.

I like the idea of having room to grow. As we are remodeling these will eventually not be here on the wall, so for now he has hung them so we can organize the DVDs and keep the cats from knocking them off an open shelf.

While James was working on hanging these huge tubs Max decided he was going to help. “Let’s explore Daddy’s tool bags” says Max.


Max in Daddy's Tools
Max in Daddy’s Tools

This is the fun of living with the nine cats. Overall I still think this is cute behavior. I know you guys are probably thinking, why do we put up with this behavior. Well, quite honestly, It’s because all of the behavior is normal for cats. If you are a cat owner you understand completely what I mean.

Anyways, before I get too of track here, James finished hanging the tubs and this is what they look like currently. They are ugly.

DIY DVD Storage
DIY DVD Storage

I already know how to fix them. Look for the next post in a few days after I make them look more presentable. So until next time, love your babies and hold them tight because some day they will be gone.

What are your thoughts on this project so far? Please send me a comment.

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