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DIY Cat Scratcher

This weekend I finished up a few projects that I had been working on, one of which was a new cat scratcher. My husband installed a new breaker box in our home also. So you can say that we were a little busy this weekend. Overall it was still a nice weekend because the weather […]

Addy’s Story: My Cat Sexing Mistake

I have had cats my whole life and have never made a mistake on sexing kittens until this past fall. It all started when we had a litter of kittens from one of our rescues, Nala the tabby cat. There were four little kittens that she had. We all know that it is very hard […]

Life With The Crazy Kitties

Here lately, life has been fun in general for us. With all the new health struggles, losing our health insurance, and healing from back surgery life is very overwhelming at times. Lucky for us we have these nine beautiful kitties and four fun loving dogs. Our routine has changed a little lately. I am now […]

Project Home: DIY DVD Storage Part Two

*This post may contain affiliate links. If you click through one and make a purchase, I may receive compensation. As I mentioned in an earlier post Here: I have been working on a DVD storage project. Well the good news is that I think I’m done. I finally finished this storage project yesterday afternoon. Sorry it […]

Why You Have To Buy Scentsy’s Laundry Love Bundle

First I have to tell you that I was a Scentsy Independent Consultant up until March. I still love the company, but with the back injury I just had to give it up. I could no longer do shows or deliveries due to restrictions from the injury. Skepticism With that being said, I want to […]

Project Home: DIY DVD Storage Part One

The problem of storage arose when we first moved into the new house. There is no storage for anything and no room to build extra storage. We are avid DVD collectors and have well over 700 movies at this very moment. Our cats like to knock the DVDs off of the entertainment center and any […]

Cats In The Cradle And The Silver Spoon

Little boy blue and the man in the moon……..No this is not a joke. When I was little I received this cradle as a gift from my daddy. I played with my baby dolls for years all because of this cradle. Before I got the cradle I hated dolls. I was just one of those […]

Hello world! Tabbies From Heaven

As my first blog post comes out please remember that this blog will be very interesting.  A Little About Me I am a 34 year old women, I live with my husband, nine furry felines, and four loveable dogs. We live outside the small Oklahoma Town of Checotah. Currently, I am not working due to back injury in 2017 and recently had back surgery.  About My Cats I have a total of nine cats. This […]