The Tabby World Learning When Life Hands You Lemons…

When Life Hands You Lemons…

When Life Hands You Lemons

When Life Hands You Lemons

This is going to be a post from the heart. I have been having a few struggles in my life. To say that life has been rough is an understatement. On June 1st I had a lumbar fusion with a bone graft and discectomy. The surgery was a breeze. I was feeling great the day after surgery.

Life After Surgery

I was sore, but that was to be expected with just having surgery. The first week after the surgery I felt amazing compared to what I had been feeling before surgery. Therefore I was in an excellent mood. I was able to get up and walk easily with a little pain. After week two I was taking less pain pills and still able to move pretty easily with little to no pain.

We hit week three post-op and it completely changed. I’ve been struggling with a great deal of pain. I don’t know what changed but I go for a follow-up Friday. It feels like my tailbone is broken. I’ve had major pain in my hip and back. Especially when I lay down at night, it is very difficult to roll over or even get back up.

Now What….

About a week ago I started having chest pains. I thought they were like before when I was younger. Back then I was diagnosed with chest pains from PVCs. I thought this was what I was feeling. Well they lasted about an hour and a half. So with that being said, I scheduled a doctor’s appointment to make sure that’s all it was.

When I went in they discovered that I was in tachycardia and my blood pressure was very high. They did an EKG promptly and it came up that I might have had a heart attach in the past. Take in mind I’m only 34 so this is a scary thought. They then sent me to the next ER to get checked out more thoroughly.

Hospital Picture

Hospital Visit

An ER Visit And More Bad News

So I went to the ER as instructed. Thy took me back to do a second EKG when I arrived to see what my doctor had seen. Next I was put through a chest xray and a CT Scan due to the fact that I was symptomatic for a pulmonary embolism (blood clot in the lung). The CT Scan results were not clear enough to rule out a possible blood clot. Therefore I was admitted into the hospital.

I stayed overnight to be monitored and then to rerun the CT Scan in the morning in hopes for a more definitive answer. They went ahead and started treating me for a blood clot just in case. I was fine with it, but let me tell you something; the shots hurt!

Stomach Bruising From Shots

Stomach Bruising From Shots

I hardly slept from the IV error occlusion, nurses in and out checking on me, and then just being in an odd place.

More Results And More Bad News

When the doctor did his rounds I finally got word that I did not have a pulmonary embolism. That’s great news right? It is, but then I was notified that I have a blood flow problem. Apparently I am not getting enough blood flow to the bottom half of my heart. This is putting the heart itself in a lot of stress. This is why I’m having tachycardia and chest pains.

I was also told that my labs were all excellent. So what does that mean? Well I have to see a cardiologist and will more than likely have to go through a battery of tests to even find what’s causing the problem and more importantly how do we fix it.

So Now What?…

Now we get to wait for the referral for the cardiologist to come through. In the meantime I am to take it easy and not exert myself at all. I was dismissed with that instruction as well as a prescription for nitroglycerin tablets. I was told that if I continue to have chest pains after three doses that I have to go to the nearest ER.

Since we are in this sit and wait game, we are both extremely worried about what this is and what could happen. Because in all honesty this could be fatal. I could have a heart attack or go into cardiac arrest at any time. For a 34 year old, this is by no means normal in any way.

Conclusions And Hope

With all of this being said, I just want to reiterate that I have hope. I have to be somewhat optimistic or I will fall into an even deeper depression; more than I already am. I choose to persevere. I choose hope that one day soon I will finally feel normal. So when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. And that’s just what I’m doing.

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